> The Capet String Quartet  

Lucien Louis Capet was born in January 8,1873 at the Paris proletariat. From the age of fifteen, he studied at the Conservatoire de Paris where he was a pupil of professor Jean-Pierre Maurin who premiered Beethoven's String Quartet No. 14. Just after the graduation from the Conservatoire de Paris with taking first prize unanimously, he formed the Capet Quartet in 1893. Singled out by Charles Lamoureux, he worked as concert master with the Concerts Lamoureux.

He had a successful career both as a soloist with his very successful performance of Beethoven's concerto in 1903 as well as a chamber musician.

The Capet Quartet performed all of Beethoven's String Quartet in 1904, and obtained great reaction. The concert tour to European countries were highly praised, and participated Beethoven musical festival hold at Bonn in 1911 as French representative. He taught at Conservatoire de Paris as the professor of chamber music from 1907, and worked also as the professor of violin class from 1924. After 1923, performance of all of Beethoven's String Quartet were done every year. Capet ended his short life at the age of 55 at Paris in December 18, 1928.


 1:First movement       -Allegro

 2:First movement  

                          -Allegro (Conclusion)

 3:Second movement  

                        -Allegro ma non tanto

 4:Second movement  

 -Allegro ma non tanto (Conclusion)

 5:Third movement.  

                             -Adagio (First part)

 6:Third movement.    

                       -Adagio (Second part)

 7:Third movement.  

                           -Adagio (Third part)

 8:Third movement.

                       -Adagio (Conclusion)

 9:Fourth movement.  

       -Alla marcia  Fifth movement.  

                    -Allegro appassionato

10:Fifth movement.      

-Allegro appassionato (Conclusion)

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